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Note: "Chide", "Froward", "Lucre", "Lust-lusteth", "Mortar", and "Pestle", along with several other new words have just been added to the Simplified Bible Dictionary section. (November 5, 2015)

Dear "Christian Shepherd" web site visitors:
     Some of the "Main Menu" areas have been combined. However, all the material contained in these areas is still available. We have also added a new folder titled "Prophecy" to the Main Menu (Several new articles are now available in the "Prophecy" section). "Christians Stories" may now be found in "E Books", while "Biblical Charts and Maps" can now be found in "Bible Study Guides".

Also, we have some new articles available in the Spanish section.
Hay también varios artículos nuevos que brindamos en la sección "en Español".

In the prophecy section
    Four Blood MoonsMar21,2015
    Asshur and Nimrod TodayContinuing and Further Meditation of the Above ArticleMar20,2015
    The Early and Latter RainHelpfulAug4,2014
    Prophetic Events ChronologyMay29,2014
    Syria as seen in ScriptureOct9,2013
In the Assembly Truth section
    The Lord's Table, and the Lord's SupperCaptain R.F.Kingscote was a contemporary with Mr. Darby and spoke at Mr. Darby's funeral.
Very helpful ministry
    The Lord's supper, can it communicate life?Jul30,2013
    God's Church - H.Short PDFVery helpfulMay15,2010
    A Paper on the AssemblyJan14,2010
    Letter on the Assembly - A.H.RuleNov19,2009
    The Step I Have Taken - E. Dennet PDFApr10,2009
    Closing Days of Christendom - J.N.D.Feb13,2009
    The Heavenly Calling and the Church - J.G.B. PDFFeb13,2009
    The Church What is It? - W.T.P. WolstonFeb13,2009
    Church Truth - C. StanleyFeb11,2009
In the Bible Study Guides section
    A Verse by Verse Study of Romans: Chap. 1-14Very HelpfulApr16,2015
    Tabernacle: Wilderness to Jerusalem TimelineAug27,2014
    From Eternity to EternityAug24,2014
    153 Fishes and Other Biblical MeaningsMay29,2014
In the Gospel/Evangelical section
    I've got my own religionMay8,2013
    Playing with DangerApr10,2013
    He is RisenMar28,2013
    Salvation and SafetyFeb22,2013
    Salvation and CertaintyFeb22,2013
In the Poetry and Hymns section
    Awake Awake! PDFNov18,2008
    One of These Days PDFOct2,2008
    Passing Through PDFSep25,2008
    The Bridge Builder PDFSep4,2008
    Submission And Rest PDFSep4,2008
In the Scripture Sketches section
    Learning Christ - Philip the ApostleAug9,2008
In the Marriage and Family section
    "And He Loved Her" — Musing on Marriage: 
A monthly series of articles from 2005 through 2013
taken from the "Christian Shepherd".
The series is divided up into 9 booklets of 6–8 pages each,
containing 12 entries for each year.
    Fill the Children First PDFMar9,2013
    A Short Meditation For ParentsJan18,2008
    Home BuildingJul10,2007
    Family PrinciplesJul10,2007
In the Lifelines section
    The Fruit Of The SpiritJul10,2007
In the Doctrinal Meditations section
    The State of a Soul After Death: May6,2014
    Unity According to John, Paul, and Historically: Unity in Inspired History, Part 3Much needed ministryFeb4,2013
    The Precious Blood of Christ in the New TestamentOf vital importanceMar28,2011
    Proverbs 1Oct25,2008
    His Coming And AppearingJun18,2008
In the Practical Meditations section
    Christ Pictured in Deuteronomy 21Mar30,2015
    The CHRISTIAN - Not of this WorldHelpfulDec9,2011
    Hold Fast which Thou Hast, That no Man Take Thy CrownRecommendedOct12,2011
    The Fear of the LordSep12,2009
    Our Identification with ChristJan7,2009
In the eBooks section
    The Life of PeterMar28,2009
    The Apostle Paul, by JGBMar28,2009
    Egypt to CanaanVery highly recommended readingFeb6,2009
    Meditations On The Epistle To The HebrewsSep13,2008
    Heaven And EarthAug4,2008
In the Young People section
    Practical Reflections on EstherDec6,2014
    The Journey Of LifeNov29,2014
    Faith for the Last DaysMay29,2014
    Practical Reflections on NehemiahSep1,2013
    Practical Reflections on Jude and PhilemonSep1,2013
In the Pre-formated Printing section
    The Overcomer, J.G.B.Jun9,2009
    Thoughts on Romans 8Apr12,2009
    The Life of PeterMar28,2009
    The Apostle Paul, by JGBMar28,2009
    Jacobs Dream And LadderNov15,2007

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